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Soul Nomad & The World Eaters

Companie: Nippon Ichi Software
Data Lansarii: 20-Jun-2008
Platforma: PS2
Gen: RPG
Descrierea oficiala:
Long ago an evil overlord wreaked havoc upon the world with its 3 demon golems. Entire kingdoms and countries were wiped out with their amazing powers. When all seemed to be doomed a powerful wizard sealed the overlord into a dark sword. Without its master, the 3 demon golem stood motionless like statue for centuries. But, now the 3 golems are active again and threatening peace. You must make a decision, sell your soul to the evil overlord or face the ultimate God of destruction without any help.

Every time when the evil overlord grants you power the less control you have over your own body. The good news is you could become stronger than the last boss from the very beginning of the game.

  • So you want to create your own army of terror? First things first you’ll have to choose the type of unit you want to make, like a knight or wizard. There are over 25 different types of units, so selections are plentiful.
  • Save the hassle of leveling up. In Soul Nomad you no longer have to level up everytime you make a new character. The character level can be manually changed at the character creation screen. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can increase your level all the way up, but increase it up to your main character’s level. So essentially, you save the extra time and hassle.
  • Over 25 different unit types to choose from! Every unit has their own distinct abilities and characteristics.
  • After you create your characters you must add them to a team ability table. By doing so, it will add special abililties to the units. For instance the “Hero” team ability will increase the stats of friendly units adjacent to the unit with this ability.
  • With an ordianry SRPG your team customization will end by simply adding a ability to your units. But, doing so will not make a game from NISA. In Soul Nomad not only can you add abilities, but customize the team abilities as well. Up to 4 team abilities can be combined with each other to create your own unique fighting style.
  • Adjust your team abilities according to your recon reports. By investigating before battle you can check on the enemy status and battle terrain.
  • Battles will take place on a grid based field like a chess board. A total of 8 squads can be summoned on to the field. Once an enemy gets within your attack range the game switches from the field screen to battle screen.
  • Once your enemy is within your attack range you can fight them in the battle view. Fighting will take place in side/bird’s eye view map. Your battle units will take action according to your preset commands. However, if you wish to defeat powerful enemies you must change your strategies accordingly.
  • Choices are big with over 50 different character classes and 40 different team abilities to combine with.
  • Ever wondered why you could never fight the townspeople in RPGs? Well here’s your chance now. You could easily pick a fight, steal items, and even kidnap the commeners to make them join your army. But watch out, some of these towns people can be quite strong, so make sure you pick a fight with the right person.
  • Random dungeons are back once again to bring you countless hours of stragetic game play. This time not only are the battle maps randomly generated, but also the enemy types, level, skills, weapons equiped, and even the team abilities. With so many unique combinations it’s more difficult to reproduce the same random dungeon you have previously played!


  Soul Nomad & The World Eaters

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