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Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising

Companie: Perpetual Entertainment
Data Lansarii: 2008-02-16
Platforma: PC
Descrierea oficiala:
Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising brings the bold and dramatic world of ancient Rome online. As Rome grows into its role as a Republic, enemies from Carthage, Gaul and other nations seek their share of the treasures of this new empire. Furthermore, monstrous creatures of myth, such as Gorgons, Minotaurs and Furies roam the land and threaten the safety of Rome. As heroes of the republic, players will embark on epic quests to defend the empire, protect its interests and people, and serve one of the ancient Gods of Roman myth. This alliance with the gods will provide the player with incredible "god powers"? that can be wielded in battle against monsters as well as against other players in Player vs. Player (PvP) combat.

Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising features an innovative style of combat not seen in other online multiplayer games, courtesy of Perpetual Entertainment Lead Designer Stieg Hedlund, lead designer of the best-selling RPG Diablo II. Reminiscent of an Action/RPG, combat moves can be linked together and even include “finishing� moves to provide a more dynamic, dramatic and visceral feel to battles. Squad-based combat is another unique aspect of Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising; players will earn and command Non-Player Characters (NPCs) in a variety of strategic groupings to form individual squads, create unique formations and implement combat tactics for these squads to execute on command, maximizing their power in combat.

  • Embark on a Hero's journey to explore and conquer mythic Rome.
  • Acquire, train and control a squad of warriors in epic battles using both traditional and user-created.formations.
  • Build and customize a squad of soldiers including melee, ranged and caster-class fighters.
  • Master forceful hand-to-hand combat tactics in gladiatorial duels based on the ancient pankratic method of wrestling.
  • Face and fight fierce mythological creatures including Medusa, Chimera, Cereberus and the Hydra among others waiting to challenge you.
  • Experience fast-paced combat featuring moves choreographed and tuned so finely that the timing resonates to the feel of action role-playing games.
  • Command and wield the unequaled powers of the gods as you fight to save Rome.
  • Fight alongside and control as part of your squad creatures of myth including the Minotaur, Cyclops, Automaton and others.
  • Embark on over 1,000 story-driven missions.


  Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising

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