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Military History Commander: Europe at War

Companie: Slitherine Soft.
Data Lansarii: 20-Mar-2009
Platforma: PC,PSP, DS
Gen: Strategy
Descrierea oficiala: MILITARY HISTORY Commander Europe at War was designed to be easy to play, without being simple to master. The artificial inteligence offers an exciting challenge, even for experienced gamers. And thanks to the clearly arranged, easy-to-use user interface, players will actually spend their time fighting the enemy, rather than struggling with the menus.

  • Turn-based battles of World War II across several European countries
  • Huge hex grid campaign map
  • Six epic, extensive scenarios, including Operation Barbarossa and D-Day
  • 50 inventions from five different tech trees
  • Recruitment of historical commanders for the player's own units
  • In-game artwork by Osprey Publishing, a leading publisher of military history books
  • Addition of six quick play scenarios for multiplayer. Those cover the same time periods
  • as the original maps but can be played quicker
  • Frame rate has been increased
  • Updates to the moddable script file system to be more friendly to windows Vista and XP
  • Improved AI reacts quickly to players decisions


  Military History Commander: Europe at War

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