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Dark Horizon

Companie: Quazar Studios
Data Lansarii: 26-Sep-2008
Platforma: PC
Gen: Action
Descrierea oficiala:
The space action game Dark Horizon takes place in a breathtaking atmospheric universe with an epic storyline about the fight for survival. In this world you can choose play as the mysterious race “Guardians”, among others, through 22 missions of space combats to save the humanity from the all-destroying hazard, the Mirk. Use the help of your allies: other Guardians will fight side by side with you, and biomechanical race bios will assist you with their high-tech devices and weapons.

You cannot only modify your ships and weapons. Throughout your challenging space missions you can gather resources that can be used to create your own equipment and weapons between the missions. The new modes also allow you to decide between moving invisible through enemy lines, which results in weaker attacks or you can choose a stronger attack mode that weakens your shields

  • Allows full customization of your spaceship. You can change your ship on a detailed level and alter hull, shields system, reactor, armour, weapons, missiles etc.
  • Gather resources and disassemble unused parts of your ship and use them to create your own weapons for supreme destructive power and improve your ship to create the ultimate space vessel
  • Fight in team with other pilots trough fierce battles, give orders and use tactics to take out your enemies (please note – no multiplayer!)
  • Choose between two different modes that will change your fighter’s performance according to your own demands: ‘shadow’ mode to stealth through enemy lines (yet it prevents using full power of your weapons) and ‘corter‘ mode that will level up the power of you guns at a cost of energy-usage that weakens your shields.
  • Game legth ime 6 parts in 22 missions (1-2 objectives each) and extensive


  Dark Horizon

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